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Welcome to SEKATABI website.
We are Japanese, traveling around the world. It is an absolutely fantastic experience because the trip provides us with great opportunities to enjoy fabulous sceneries and to experience delicious cuisine.  Yet, more importantly, the most precious thing we have experienced during this trip is, we think, chance encounters with new people, which always take us into new insights. No matter what the circumstances are, we respect and appreciate these encounters and we hope that they will lead us to glorious friendships.
See you again, and thank you very much.
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We introduce the page that We update while continuing a trip.
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We introduce a plan of our trip.
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We introduce the work that we came over in Japan and a future aim.

œWhy did Kyoji come to NZ

I arrived in New Zealand in November 2006 because I needed a new challenge.

I worked at a travel agency for about 8 years in Osaka, Japan. My main duties were planning inbound and oversea tours, and also, updating the tour information on our website for customers.
I liked my job. However, the company was not making a profit. So, our department was closed and the employees were made redundant.
I looked for another job. But I had dreamt of going around the world for about 3 years. My wife Takako had also wanted to go travelling around the world as well.
So, we decided to travel. Eight months later we were standing in KANSAI airport wating to board the plane to Beijing, China. That day was 27th May 2005.

Travelling the world was one of the best times in my life. I saw beautiful scenery, I ate the famous dishes from each country, I met many people everywhere I went. Everyday was so exciting. But, then something terrible happened.
On the 9th November 2005, 5 months after we started, we were traveling in Nice in the south of France. Our car was broken into and our important stuff including our money, cameras, PC etc was stolen so we had to go back to Japan to reorganise our travel.
Our families in Japan said that we were so silly and we should stop travelling. But, we did not want to give our adventure up because this trip was our dream and now our challenge in life.

3 months later we were on our way to South Africa, the 17th country in our travels. Finally, we had visited 48 countries before arriving in New Zealand.
Now, we are working in New zealand and we would like to share our travel experiences including both good and bad with Japanese people on our website(www.sekatabi.com/english) .
We donft have any new plans now. Maybe in the future, we will go somewhere to complete our travel.

Anita commented about us
i met kyoji and takako in turkey, april 2006 and now in september they have visit me in vienna.
well, what to say about this amazing couple ??? i had so much fun with them during their 5 days stay in vienna ! we made 1000 km road trip trough austria, they cooked japanese dinner (which was very delicious) and so on. what impress me most is, that they are travelling now since 1,5 years and they still have a half year of travelling left ! they are really nice and absolutly trusworthy. and the best commedians on pics ;-))) welcome again any time !
Manfred messaged to us
Hello! How are you?
Next time where are you off to?
The meeting with you was a high point of our journey it gives us a lot of pleasure.
Thank you very much.

All the best and have a good trip!
Please keep in touch again.
Please take care of yourselves and
Thank you!

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We introduce the page that We update while continuing a trip. We write it in Japanese, but you can understand with many photos. We hope that you can enjoy and feel the world.

I introduce the thing which I watched in the country which visited and the thing that I felt with some photos.

It is said that a Japanese poeple likes taking photos vry much. I am is in particular like taking photograph. I take the scenery which I liked in the world.

We make a plan to visit about 60 countries for 1 years and six month. The end of a trip is February, 2007. A country planning a visit is as follows.

2005 27th May 2005,start of SEKATABI from KANSAI airport in Japan.
May to June
China(only Beijing),Mongolia,Russia
July to September
Estonia,Finland,Norway,Sweden,Denmark,Germany(north),Netherlands,Belgium,France(only Calais),United Kingdom
October to Movember
7th November 2005
It was a terrible thing that our valuables were stolen by someone from our car. So, we had to go back to Japan for about 3 months.

16th February 2006 Our travel was restart !
February to March
South Africa,Zambia,Tanzania,Kenya,
April to June
July to September
October to December
Thailand,India,Indonesia,New Zealand

2007 New Zealand,South of America,North of America
February 2007 SEKATABI is over

We introduce our work and our future aim upon returning to Japan.

Takako (wife)
@Date of birth / 26 September 1972
@Hobby / travel,sports(badminton)

@Date of birth / 07 December 1972
@Hobby / travel,sports(golf,running,tennis)

The both of us met for the first time in April 2000. We got married in June 2003 and we had child at New Zealand in June 2009 .

Send to Email to Takako&Kyoji ¨ mail@sekatabi.com

What kind of work did you do in Japan? What will you do when you come back to Japan?
Kyoji has been to Paris in 1998 by tour conductor of FIFA World cupMy wife Takako and I worked together in a traveling agency. Takako accompained tours as a tour guide in Japan and many parts of the world. I raised plans for tours and also worked as a tour guide. Both of us have professional knowledge and experience in travelling. We were in charge of instructing new employees and helping them to become tour guides. At the age of 25, we acquired a holiday visa and stayed in Australia for a year. We experienced a lot and wanted to know more about the world. We will soon be starting a round-the-world trip to gain even more experience.
The purpose of the round-the-world trip is to meet people from various countries and to have a rariety of experience. This trip was planned using our valuable experience and knowledge that we have gained over the years of working at the travelling agency. It is well known that Japanese like travelling, however their travels consist mainly of visiting world famous landmarks. Takako and I are interested in these places too but we would also like to introduce places that are notas well known because we think that there is much more to see and experience than world famous places. I would like to publish a book on a collection of photographs of the round the world trip along with it I would include reports and descriptions of the photographs.

Contact to Takako&Kyoji ¨ Email:mail@sekatabi.com
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